Universal Datenlogger DL4000

Product Description

The DL4000 data loggers are a simple solution for recording and monitoring pressure, flow, fluid level, pH, electrical properties, moisture and gas concentrations. Ideal for use in standalone or networked data logging applications. The DL-series loggers connect to Vaisala's viewLinc software to provide historical and real-time data, remote alarming, and reporting in compliance with global regulations and standards. The data loggers can also be integrated to non-Vaisala systems with our OPC server.

Technical Specification


  • Long-life battery and large onboard memory.
  • Single and multi-channel models with up to four input channels.
  • Easily set scaling and measurement units for recording.
  • Time-based digital recording in a range of sample intervals.
  • Traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes.


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