Portable temperature calibrator - Fluid 100

Product Description

In FLUID100 the internal tank is heated and cooled by Peltierelements.

FLUID100 is equipped with a new PID microprocessor controllerwith a resolution up to 0,01 °C, setting of the standard ofmeasurement in °C, °F and K, programming of ascent/ descentramps and storage of the thermostats operative temperature. Themixing process ensures a proper heat transmission, excellentstability and uniformity values; the large size of the well makesit possible to test sensors of various lengths and diameters.

In the FLUID100-2I version, the instrument is equipped with anacquisition card having two adjustable inputs (Pt100 3/4 wires;thermocouples: E, J, K, N, R, S) with bushes fitted withgold-plated con-tacts and automatic compensation of the coldjunction.

The REF input is provided for the reference sample probe, thusobtaining a complete calibration system which can be certified byAccredia centres, in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.

The EXT input is provided for probes that are being tested;hence, the instrument can display the temperature of the well, thetemperature of the sensor to be checked and the temperature of thereference sample probe, at the same time.

Furthermore, FLUID100 is equipped with the RS232 serialinterface; it can operate in automatic mode connected to the PC bymeans of the AQ2sp software which enables to carry out probecalibrations, thermostats test and cyclical life tests; testresults can be stored and printed, so they are easily traceable incompliance with ISO 9000 standards.

Technical Specification

Technical specification FLUID 100

Operating range                    -18 °C ÷ + 125 °C (*) (-0,4 °F ÷ 257 °F)

Average heating time

(stabilization included)          12 °C/min (53 °F/min)

Average cooling time

(stabilization included)           5 °C/min (41 °F/min)

Axial uniformity                      ±0,05°C / ±0.09°F at 0°C / 32°F (for 60 mm from the bottom)

Radial uniformity                    (at 40 mm) ±0,02 °C

                                                (at -5 °C) ±0.03 °F

                                                (at 23 °F)

Hole depth                               170 mm (6.6 in.)

Hole diameter                          60mm (2.3 in.)

Display accuracy                     ±0,15 °C (±0.27 °F)

Stability                                   ±0,02 °C at -5°C (±0.03 °F at 23 °F)

Display Resolution

All temperatures                      0,1 °C / 0,01 °F

Units of measure                     °C - °F - K

Switch test                               yes

Calibrator size                          160 x 340 x 330 mm (6,2x13,3x12,9 in.)

Calibrator weight                     8 kg (17 lb)

Power supply                           115 or 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz


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