GMW95 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is available at Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, throughout Austria.

GMW95 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Product Description

Carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity wall mount transmitter shall incorporate a silicon-based CARBOCAP® NDIR sensor. Measurement range of 0…5000 ppm, 0 to 95% RH and -5 ... +55 °C (+23 ... +131 °F). CO2 accuracy from 20 to 30°C (68 to 86°F) is ± (30 ppm + 2 % of reading). Total CO2 accuracy in room temperature applications must be ±75 ppm at 600 and 1000 ppm including 5 years drift; temperature accuracy must be ±0.5 °C (± 0.9 °F) between +20 … +30 °C (+68 … +86 °F); relative humidity sensor must be a thin film polymer capacitive HUMICAP® 180R humidity sensor with accuracy of ±2.5 %RH for the 0...60%RH range at +10 ... +40 °C (+50 ... +104 °F). Power supply must be 18 … 35 VDC or 24 VAC. Output type must be RS-485. Supported protocols shall be BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU. Shall include a traceable calibration with certificate. Must be capable of calibration check in place using certified gases, a portable meter or having a field exchangeable calibrated module. Shall be available with a cover having a display opening or a solid front.

The following product models are available:

  • GMW95 (CO2 and T)
  • GMW95D (CO2 and T; display included)
  • GMW95R (CO2, T, and RH)
  • GMW95RD (CO2, T, and RH; display included)

Technical Specification


  • Measures: carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity (optional)
  • Digital communication with BACnet/Modbus
  • Traceable calibration (certificates included)
  • Display is standard, solid cover is optional
  • Convenient calibration: field replaceable modules (certificates included), gas reference port for reference gas bottles, reference meters with communication cable or potentiometers
  • Accurate temperature and humidity measurement due to low self-heating.
  • Six humidity calculate parameters available such as dew point





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