Mid-Range Datalogger

Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity & Door Switch

Product Description

Vaisala's Mid-Range data loggers are designed for early phase drug and device development applications where speed and economy are critical.

The Vaisala OPD-DA Server software can be used to integrate Vaisala DL-series data loggers to non-Vaisala systems. If access to historical measurements is needed, the Vaisala OPC-UA Server can be used to integrate the viewLinc database with non-Vaisala systems.

Technical Specification

Simplified calibration 

Easy to install and configure, the MR loggers are calibrated with an abbreviated process that provides reliable accuracy in operating environments between -55 °C to +50 °C.

Easy configuration

Connectivity options include USB, wireless, and Power over Ethernet with a vNet PoE network interface. When MR loggers are used with vNet PoE device, installation takes minutes.

Several models to fit your applications

Six versions of the MR Loggers are available with up to four channels of temperature-only, temperature and humidity, or a contact switch channel for door alarming.