PASVE® pH mounting and service valve

Product Description

PASVE® pH is a mounting/service valve for pH sensors.

PASVE® is a ball-type mounting & service valve for Satron VG and HG type level and pressure transmitters.

PASVE® makes it simple to disconnect the transmitter from the process for maintenance and cleaning, without stopping the process or draining the tank.

PASVE® is available in a manually operated type or equipped with a pneumatic actuator.

Technical Specification

Applicable pH sensor: Refer to the Selection Table.
max. operating pressure/temperature: 40 bar/250°C
Materials: AISI316L, AISI904L, Duplex, Hastelloy C276, Titanium, 254 SMO and for type F PVDF.

Seals: PTFE, PTFE with carbon and graphite filling or PTFE 50% +ASIS316 50% mixture.

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