PASVE® ball-type mounting and service valve

PASVE® is a ball-type mounting and service valve for SatronVG and HG type level and pressure transmitters. PASVE makes itsimple to disconnect the transmitter from the process formaintenance and cleaning, without stopping the process or drainingthe tank. PASVE is a available in a manually operated type orequipped with a pneumatic actuator.

Transmitter connection
G1 female, seat accepts SATRON VG- and
HG- transmitters.

Max. operating pressure/ temperature
Pressure 40bar, temperature 250°C,
Min. operating temp. -50°C

Wetted parts: AISI316L, Hastelloy C276, Titanium,
for F type also PVDF. Seals PTFE or PTFE with
carbon and graphite filling.

PASVE GC 4.3kg, PASVE GP 4.2kg,
PASVE GF 8.4kg, Actuator 5.5kg

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