PM10 - panelmeter for 1-8 inputs

PM10 smart meter series is the pre-eminent display on themarket. It is the result of multiple years ofdevelopment and customer feedback.

It combines many new innovations and good technicalimplementations of previous Nokeval products. There are already 16000 variations how to use PM10 and more to come.

  • two input channels (with option cards 4-8 channels), Pt100, thermocouples, 4-20 mA, 0-10V/mV
  • two output channels for 4-20 mA or  0-10V outputs
  • two alarm relays
  • I/O-lines
  • multi-colorsix-characteralphanumericdisplay  
  • a wide range ofmathematicalfunctions 
  • MicroUSB connectorfor MekuWinconfiguration usethe ability to lockthe cardswith the screwsverytightly
  • for vibration sensitive conditions
  • serial ouput RS485, Modbus protocoll
  • power supply 24 VDC

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