Portable temperature calibrator - Pyros DNV 650

Product Description

It covers a range from 15 °C above ambient temperature up to650 °C. It has a stability of ±0,30 °C and aall-range accuracy of ±0,50 °C.

The time taken to reach 650 °C is just 35 minutes and ittakes about 60 minutes to reach 100 °C from 650 °C. Thisallows to save time during calibration operations that require morethan one verification point. The calibrator has a hole with adiameter of 26x150 mm in which the reduction inserts are insertedto adapt the diameter of the probe to be calibrated to thecalibrator.

There are 6 inserts available with holes ranging from a diameterof 3,2 to 17,5 mm while other holes are provided upon request up to1 mm in diameter.

The appliance's innovative ventilation system allows thecalibrator to keep the temperature on the top of the calibratorlower compared to competitors' ones. The air flow on the upper partis diverted to the rear of the appliance by a tangential flow thattouches the calibration well.

As a result, the heads of the thermocouples, which contain theconnection terminals of the compensated cables, remain at aconsiderably lower temperature reducing very much the compensationerrors produced by the heads heating.

Technical Specification


Technical specification    



Operating range

(t amb. 20 °C / 68 °F)


amb.+15 °C ÷ +650 °C

(Amb. +27 °F ÷ 1202 °F)


Mean heating time

(stabilization included)


From 50 °C / 122 °F to 650 °C / 1202 °F

35 min


Mean cooling time

(stabilization included)


From 650 °C / 1202 °F to 100 °C / 212 °F

60 min


Axial uniformity


±0,13 °C at 250 °C

±0.2 °F at 482 °F






Radial uniformity

(at 40 mm)


±0,22 °C

(±0.39 °F)






Hole depth


150 mm (5.9 in.)


Hole diameter


26 mm (1 in.)


Display accuracy

(±1 digit)


±0,50 °C

(±0.9 °F)






±0,30 °C - (±0.5 °F)


Display Resolution


0,1 °C - (0.1 °F)


Units of measure


°C / °F


Over temperature cut out




Switch test




PC Interface


RS 232




LED double line






Temperature ramps






From 1 to 10 calibration points


Calibrator size


130 x 260 x 280 mm

(5.1 x 10 x 11 in.)


Calibrator weight


6,0 kg - (13 lb)


Power supply


Automatic switchable voltage supply

115/230 VAC ±10% - 50/60 Hz


Electric power


600 W





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