REG21 Pressure transmitter with 2 switching contacts

Product Description

Special features


  • for positive and negative differential pressure
  • can be used as a two- or three-position controller
  • highly accurate and stable for long periods
  • very little hysteresis; largely independent of temperature
  • automatic zero-point calibration
  • switching contacts available as relay or transistor output withadjustable switching tresholds
  • panel housing


Technical Specification

Measurement ranges
(others aivailable upon request)
50/100/250/500 Pa
1/2,5/5/10/20/50/100 kPa
Margin of error 1% of end value, 0,5% of end value
for measurement ranges ≥ 250Pa
Deflection drift/temperature 0,04%/K(+10°C...+50°C)
Zero point drift/temperature ±0% (clyclical zero-point correction)
Overload capacity  200x for measurement ranges <2,5kPa
600kPa for measurement ranges ≥ 2,5kPa  
Medium air, all non-aggressive gases
Max. system pressure 10kPa for measurement ranges ≤10kPa
for measurement ranges >10kPa
max. nominal pressure of sensor
Sensor response time 20ms
Time constants adjustable up to 10s