RMD680 8/16-channel universal input transmitter

Product Description

Multichannel transistor RMD680 has been designed forapplications where lots of inputs have to be measured andtransferred economically either to PC or PLC. Transmitter has 16input channels, which can be programmed individually for differentsensors. Measurement rate is 12 channels per second. Measurementsca be read either by serial interface RS-485 using Modbus RTU orNokeval SCL protocol or with one analog output.

Technical Specification

RTD sensors:
Sensors: Pt100, Pt1000 or Ptxxx (xxx = selectable)
Range: -200..+700°C
Accuracy: (Pt100) 0.05% of reading + 0.15°C
Temperature coefficient: 0.02°C / °C
Sensor connection: 3-wire
Measurement current: 0,25 mA, multiplexed
Sensor error correction: Adjustable for each channel
Sensors: Ni100 or Nixxx (xxx = selectable)
Range: -60..+180°C
Accuracy: 0.05% of reading + 0.1°C
Sensors: Cu10 or Cuxxx (xxx = selectable)
Range: -200..+260°C
Sensor: KTY83
Range: -55..+175°C

Process inputs (freely scalable):
mA-inputs: 0/4..20mA, ±20mA
Accuracy: 0.008mA
Input resistance: about 70Ω
V-inputs: ±1V, 2.5V(-1..+2.5V), ±10V
Accuracy: 0.05% of reading + 0.01V
Input resistance: >500kΩ (1, 2.5V) , >1 MΩ (10V)

Other inputs (freely scalable):
mV-inputs: ±55, ±100mV
Accuracy: 0,1% of reading + 0.01mV
Input resistance: >1 MΩ
Resistance inputs: 0..400 Ω / 4 kΩ / 40 kΩ
Accuracy: 1% of FS


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