Portable temperature calibrator - Solar

Product Description

The portable thermostatic calibrator SOLAR has been designed tocarry out laboratory and field checks of thermocouples and Pt100;it consists of a tubular vertical well with an internal ceramicpipe and an interchangeable equalising block.

The equalising block, whose large size suits the externaldimensions, ensures a proper heat transmission as well as optimalstability and uniformity values; its interchangeability makes itpossible to test sensors of various lengths, with diameters rangingfrom 1 mm up to 26 mm. The block of the standard equipment has 4holes (diameter: 7, 9, 11 and 13,5 mm); on request, furtherversions with different kinds of holes are available.

SOLAR is equipped with a counter-current forced air coolingsystem, which keeps the temperature low in the upper part of thewell; this system enables to check even very short probes, withoutheating the connecting head or the handgrip.

SOLAR is provided with a new PID controller, whosemicroprocessor ensures resolution values up to 0,01 °C as wellas °C, °F and K reading; it also enables to set the up/downramps and to memorise the operative temperature of thethermostats.

The version SOLAR-2I is equipped with a data acquisition cardand two adjustable input devices (Pt100 3/4 wires; thermocouples:E, J, K, N, R, S) with gold-plated contacts and automaticcompensation of the cold junction.

The REF input device is for the reference sample probe; thiscalibration system is provided with Accredia (Italian calibrationservice) test certificates and it is in accordance with ISO9000.

The EXT input device is for the probes that are being tested;hence the instrument can display the temperature of the well, ofthe sensor to be tested and of the reference sample probe, at thesame time.

Furthermore, SOLAR is provided with the serial interface RS232;once it is connected to a PC, it can operate automatically, bymeans of the software AQ2sp, which enables to carry out probecalibrations, thermostats tests and cycle life tests; test resultscan be stored and printed and they are easily traceable inconformity with ISO 9000 standard values.

Technical Specification

Operating range: +200 °C ÷ +1100 °C

                           (392 °F ÷ 2012 °F)

Stability: ±0,3 °C (a 1000 °C)

             (±0.5 °F at 2012 °F)

Uniformity: (at 1000 °C / 1832 °F) - Radial ±0,4 °C (at 40 mm)

                                                               ±0.7 °F (at 1.5 in.)

                                                  - Axial ±0,4 °C (for 60 mm from the bottom)

                                                            ±0.7 °F (for 2.3 in. from the bottom)

Mean heating time: 18 °C/min (64 °F/min)

Mean cooling time: 6 °C/min (42 °F/min)

Display resolution: All temperatures: 0,1 °C / 0,01 °F

Display accuracy: ±3 °C (±37 °F)

Units of measurement: °C - °F - K

Serial interface: RS232

Well diameter: 44 mm Insert hole depth: 220 mm / 7.8 in. (included insulator)

Power supply: 115 or 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz

Electric power: 850 W Calibrator size: 170 x 450 x 330 mm (6.6 x 17.7 x 12.9 in.)

Packaging size: 370 x 450 x 600 mm (14 x 17 x 23 in.)

Calibrator weight: 12 kg (26 lb)

Packaging weight: 18 kg (39 lb)


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