Vortex Flowpet DX

Vortex Flow Meter Flowepet DX

Product Description

The DELTA FLOWPET-DX with pressure compensation is a piezoelectric vortex flowmeter with a built-in pressure sensor, capable of measuring the pressure-compensated mass flow rate of saturated steam and gas.

The DELTA FLOWPET-DX without pressure compensation can measure the volumetric flow of liquid, gas, and steam.

The vortex flowmeter is configured with a bluff body that generates Karman vortices, a sensor that detects vortices, and a transmitter that processes signals detected by the sensor. When the flow creates Karman vortices alternately on each side of the bluff body, alternating stress on the sensor is generated. This is detected by the piezoelectric element, amplified and shaped by the transmitter, and then obtained as a pulse proportional to the flow velocity.

Technical Specification

  • High performance supports various applications
  • User-friendly and low-cost

  • Increased safety

  • Saves energy and space

  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +460°C (high temperature type)

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