VT pressure transmitter

Product Description

For clean gases, steam and non-crystallizing liquids. Measuring range: -0,1…+100 MPa

SATRON VT is used for 0-26,5 kPa…0-100 MPa
ranges. The transmitter communicates in a 2-wire system. In
pressure measuring applications SATRON VT-transmitters
are used for measuring the pressure of clean gases, steam
and non-crystallizing liquids.The transmitter’s sensor is
piezoresistive. The rangeability is 25:1. The transmitter
communicates digitally using the HART® protocol.

Technical Specification

Measuring Range: -0,1…+100 MPa
Adjustability: 0-26,5 kPa…0-100 MPa
Applicability: Clean gases, steam and non-crystallizing liquids


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