Handheld Flowtherm Nt. 2

Several special features make the flowtherm NT. 2 to a user-friendly handheld device with a wide range of applications, which results from the variety of connectable sensors. With the flowtherm, flow measurements are possible in all industrial sectors, in municipal economy and authorities, in research and development.
Not only measurements in transport air containing cement, coal or toner are possible with the data logger, but also flow measurements in air, exhaust air, process gases, in particle and condensate laden exhaust gases, vehicle exhaust gases, aggressive gases with high operating temperatures.
Flowtherm can also be used to measure flow velocity in water and gas mass flow.

Measured variables

  • Flow velocity
  • Volume flow/flow rate
  • Standard flow rate
  • Mass flow
  • Temperature
  • Other freely definable physical values, in so far as measurable with the sensors suitable for connection


  • Wide range of applications
  • Datalogger for up to 40,000 values
  • USB interface
  • Large, illuminated display
  • 12 V power supply for non-Höntzsch sensors
  • 100 storable user profiles

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