Signal converter Model 641

Product Description

Signal converter 641 is designed to convert standard processinput/output signals. Current inputs 0/4...20mA can be convertedinto voltage outputs
-10...+10V can be converted to 0...10V, low mV inputs can beconverted to standard outputs etc. Signal converter 641 accepts2-wire transmitters without a separate power supply. Potentiometerinput as a standard.

Technical Specification

Accuracy: <0,05% of range
Typical linearity: <0,05% of range
Temperature effects: under 0,006% / °C
Potentiometer: 500W - 100kW
Power supply: 24VDC +/- 10%
Isolation: >100V input/output
Power: 40mA, voltage output
Range selection: DIP-switches and jumpers
T=63%: 0,1ms, 250ms, 500ms, 700ms
Rise time 100%: 300µs
Ambient temp.: 45°C


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