Flow Measurement with EX Delta II Series

Flow Measurement with EX Delta II Series

Product Description

The smart type EX DELTA Ⅱ has been evolved with the smart functions of various conversion computing, intelligent
functions of setting, changing, self-diagnosis and loop check with calling of range and every factor to be entered. Furthermore,
additionally provided communication function utilizing a Smart Communication Unit (EL2310), can execute those operations
such as setting and calling of each parameter and also communication with an upper ranked computer. There are two types of
the sensors, one is fixed type and the other is replaceable type. In case of the latter, check and replacement are possible without
interrupting flow measurement.

Technical Specification

  • Materialization of 2 wires transmission system for cost reduction and simplification of a system to be applied
  • Ease to data setting
  • Maintenance cost saving means increase of security operation
  • Maintenance operation such as range and parameter setting, and calibration can be performed