HPS hydraulic pressure seal

Product Description

The Hydraulic Pressure Seal SATRON HPS is used in pressuremeasurement applications where the process medium is aggressive andit is necessary to protect the wetted parts of measuringtransmitters. Processes' hygienic requirements may also necessitatethe use of the pressure seal. In addition, the pressure seal has tobe used when the process temperature exceeds the transmitter'sspecification.

Technical Specification


Process connections

• DN25,DN50, DN80, DN100

(EN 1092-1,flange type 05, facing

type B), (DIN 2501, form D)

• ANSI2" and 3" (ANSI B16-5)

• JIS 50, 80, 100 (JIS B 2220)

• Sandvik Clamp connector DN65

• TRI-Clamp 1½", 2" and 2,5" (38/51/

63,5 mm, ISO2852)

• SMS38 and SMS51

• DIN11851 DN25 ... DN50

Other options available on separate




Process pressures

• PN10/16, PN40, PN64 and PN100

• 150 and 300 lbs

• 10K and 50K

• Sandvik Clamp: PN64

• TRI-Clamp: PN40

• SMS and DIN11851 PN25 PN40



Measurement ranges

Above 25 mbar span, depending on the

measuring diaphragm's size and the

process pressure.




HPS body: EN 1.4401 (AISI 316)

Process coupling: EN 1.4404 (AISI


Capillary tube

• Capillary: EN 1.4401 (AISI 316)

• Casing: EN 1.4401 (AISI 316)

Length selectable between 2 and 20 m.

Recommendation: As short as possible.

The capillary's minimum permissible

bending radius is 50 mm.

We recommend capillaries of equal

length for differential pressure

measurements in varying temperature