K-Bar 2000B Insertion mass flow meter

Product Description

The K-BAR 2000B utilizes the patented B-Series technology tomeasure gas velocity and temperature at several points across thespan. Using the FD2 Fast Dual Metal Clad™ sensor, the K-BAR2000B calculates the mass, velocity, and temperature at each point,and the Series 155 Mass Flow Computer uses this data to provide theaverage velocity and average temperature within the process. It isideal for ducts and stacks that have wide-ranging velocity andtemperature profiles. Temperature rating is 260°C and500°C.

Technical Specification


0 to 12,000 SFPM (56 NMPS)

± (1% of reading +20 SFPM)

1 second for velocity changes at 6,000 SFPM (constant temp)

8 seconds for temp changes at 6,000 SFPM (constant velocity)

<2% per degree angle up to ±20o

  • Velocity range
  • Velocity accuracy
  • 0.25% reading repeatability
  • Velocity time constant
  • Process temperature time constant
  • Velocity angle sensitivity
  • Velocity‐ependent correction factors for flow rate
  • Electronics operating temperature


          ‐40oF to 149oF (‐40oC to 65oC)



Up to 150 PSIG (10 BARg)

‐40oF to 500oF (‐40oC to 260oC) (HT)

  • Process pressure rating
  • Process temperature rating
  • -40oF to 932oF (‐40oC to 500oC) (HHT)


12‐it resolution and accuracy

Maximum loop resistance is 300Ωat 18 VDC, 550Ωat 24 VDC, 1400Ωat 36 VDC

1 Amp per sensor, DC (21.6-26.4V)

Configurable as alarm outputs, pulsed totalizer output, or air purge cleaning

USB, RS‐85 Modbus (ASCII or RTU), or HART

200 recent events, top 20 min/max, and 56 hours (10 second samples) of trends

  • Steel, 16 gauge (Type 4, IP65) polyester powder‐coated enclosure
  • Two optically‐isolated loop powered 4‐20 mA outputs
  • One 4‐20mA non‐isolated analog input
  • Input power
  • Two optically isolated solid‐state relays / alarms
  • Two digital inputs dedicated to purge and zero‐mid‐span drift check
  • Velocity‐dependent correction factors for flow rate
  • Built‐in zero‐mid‐span drift check
  • Built‐in flow totalizers and elapsed time
  • User‐configurable digital filtering from 0 to 600 seconds
  • Configuration/data access
  • Meter memory
    • 3‐year warranty


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