K-Bar 2000B Massendurchflussmesser


Die K-BAR 2000B nutzt die patentierte B-Series-Technologie, umGas, Geschwindigkeit und Temperatur an mehreren Stellen überdie Spanne zu messen. Mit dem schnellen Dual FD2 Metall Clad™ Sensor berechnet die K-BAR 2000B die Masse, Geschwindigkeitund Temperatur an jedem Punkt, und die Serie 155 Mass Flow-Computernutzt diese Daten, um die durchschnittliche Geschwindigkeit unddurchschnittliche Temperatur innerhalb des Prozesses zu rechnen. Esist ideal für Kanäle, welche eine weitreichendeGeschwindigkeit und Temperaturbereich haben. Temperaturbereichreicht von 260 °C bis 500 °C.

Technische Spezifikation


0 to 12,000 SFPM (56 NMPS)

± (1% of reading +20 SFPM)

1 second for velocity changes at 6,000 SFPM (constant temp)

8 seconds for temp changes at 6,000 SFPM (constant velocity)

<2% per degree angle up to ±20o

  • Velocity range
  • Velocity accuracy
  • 0.25% reading repeatability
  • Velocity time constant
  • Process temperature time constant
  • Velocity angle sensitivity
  • Velocity‐ependent correction factors for flow rate
  • Electronics operating temperature


          ‐40oF to 149oF (‐40oC to 65oC)



Up to 150 PSIG (10 BARg)

‐40oF to 500oF (‐40oC to 260oC) (HT)

  • Process pressure rating
  • Process temperature rating
  • -40oF to 932oF (‐40oC to 500oC) (HHT)


12‐it resolution and accuracy

Maximum loop resistance is 300Ωat 18 VDC, 550Ωat 24 VDC, 1400Ωat 36 VDC

1 Amp per sensor, DC (21.6-26.4V)

Configurable as alarm outputs, pulsed totalizer output, or air purge cleaning

USB, RS‐85 Modbus (ASCII or RTU), or HART

200 recent events, top 20 min/max, and 56 hours (10 second samples) of trends

  • Steel, 16 gauge (Type 4, IP65) polyester powder‐coated enclosure
  • Two optically‐isolated loop powered 4‐20 mA outputs
  • One 4‐20mA non‐isolated analog input
  • Input power
  • Two optically isolated solid‐state relays / alarms
  • Two digital inputs dedicated to purge and zero‐mid‐span drift check
  • Velocity‐dependent correction factors for flow rate
  • Built‐in zero‐mid‐span drift check
  • Built‐in flow totalizers and elapsed time
  • User‐configurable digital filtering from 0 to 600 seconds
  • Configuration/data access
  • Meter memory
    • 3‐year warranty

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