Optical consistency transmitter VC

Optical consistency transmitter VC

Product Description

Optical consistency transmitter VC

SATRON VC is product family for measuring the consistency and other variables like ash content and brightness in pulp & paper processes. It is suitable for all pulps consisting of a single grade, in consistency range of 0…12%Cs located within the mechanical and chemical pulp process in applications as latency removal, screening, low consistency refining, screening, washing, refining and drying machine applications. All Satron VC products can provide an accurate and reliable measurement without need for regular maintenance and equipped with a retraction mechanism.


SATRON VCT is an optical total consistency transmitter that is suit­able for all pulps, in consistency range of 0…12%Cs in applications located in a wide range of paper machine and pulp mill applications. The Satron VCT provides an accurate and reliable consistency meas­urement without the need for regular maintenance and is equipped with a retraction mechanism that allows probe change during the process run.

SATRON VCA is a multichannel optical transmitter that allows two measurements with one device. It is suitable for consistency + total & filler (ash %) content measurements in majority of the pulp and paper applications.

SATRON VCB is a multichannel optical Brightness transmitter, suitable for Brightness measurement in majority of the chemical and mechanical pulp, recycled and paper machine applications.

SATRON VCK is a multichannel optical transmitter, suitable for total content measurement (fiber and filtrate) in majority of the Bleach plant applications.

SATRON VCF is a multichannel optical transmitter, suitable for freeness measurement in broad range of the pulp & paper applications.

Technical Specification

Features for optical consistency transmitter VC:

  • Damping: Time constant is continuously adjustable 0,01 to 60 s
  • Repeatability: 0,01% Cs
  • Temperature limits: Ambient: -30 to +80 °C; Process: -30 to +100°C/ +200°C; Shipping and storage: -40 to +80°C
  • Output: 3-wire (3W), 4-20mA
  • Supply voltage and permissible load: 24VDC, -10%, +15%
  • Humidity limits: 0-100% RH

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