PresSura® Hospital Room Pressure Products

Product Description

PRESSURA Hospital Room Pressure Products can monitor and controlyour isolation rooms and warn of unsafe conditions. The PRESSURAmonitors and controllers accurately measure both negative andpositive pressure. Versions of the PRESSURA can communicate withbuilding management systems through an RS-485 interface, as well asdisplay volume flow rate and air changes per hour (ACPH). All unitsare provided with alarm contacts and an analog output for remotemonitoring of isolatoin room conditions.

Technical Specification

Range -50,000 to +50,000 Pa    
Resolution 5% of reading    
Accuracy ±10% of reading ±0,01 Pa    
Display update 0,5s    
Low alarm range -49,5000 to +49,500 Pa    
High alarm range -49,5000 to +49,500 Pa    
Alarm contacts SPST max current 5 amps. max
voltage 150VDC, 250VAC. Minimum switch
load 0mA, 5VDC. Contacts close in alarm conditions
Analog output 0...10VDC, 4...20mA    
Operating Temperature Range 0...49°C    
Power supply 24VAC, 5 Watt max.