PTU300 kombinierter Druck-, Feuchte- und Temperaturtransmitter für industrielle Anwendungen

Product Description

The PTU300 is a unique instrument measuring three parameters simultaneously: barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. The instrument has four different humidity probe options for various measurement needs. Reliable HUMICAP® and BAROCAP® sensor technologies make it suitable for several applications such as engine testing booths, calibration laboratories, marine engine air intake monitoring and demanding meteorology applications.

Technical Specification


  • Barometric pressure, humidity and temperature measurement in one transmitter
  • Available with up to two barometric pressure sensors - for added reliability
  • Graphical display and keypad for convenient operation
  • Integrated data logging with over four years of measurement history
  • RS-232C serial interface with NMEA protocol for GPS use
  • Analog outputs, RS232/485, WLAN/LAN
  • Optional universal power supply module
  • Traceable calibration to national standards (certificate included)
  • HMT330MIK Installation kit for outdoor use
  • Incorporates HUMICAP and BAROCAP sensor technologies

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