SUREFLOW® Room Pressure Control

Product Description


SureFlow™ Room Pressure Controls are designed to maintainmore

exhaust from a laboratory than is supplied to it. This negativeair

balance helps ensure that chemical vapors cannot diffuse outsidethe

laboratory, complying with requirements in NFPA 45-2000 andANSI

Z9.5-2003. Optionally, a room pressure sensor can be connectedto the

SureFlow Model 8680 controller to correct long-term changes inthe

building dynamics.


Technical Specification

Measurement range -50 to 50Pa    
Resolution 5% from reading    

+/-10% from reading or +/- 0,01Pa

Display Update 0,5s    
Room pressure alarms      
Low alarm range -49.500 to 49.500 Pa    
High alarm range -49.500 to 49.500 Pa     
Operation temperature 0 to 49°C