Reduce the risk of out-of-specification conditions and help keep your pharmaceutical and biotechnical cleanrooms audit-ready and compliant. Our highly accurate instruments and robust solutions address measurement challenges and help keep your cleanroom facilities running smoothly.


Overpressure in Cleanroom

Cleanrooms must be kept at a constantly higher pressure than their neighbouring areas in order to prevent infiltration of contaminated air from outside. This is not just required by the relevant standard ISO 14644-4. Every expert in this area knows hour air quality can quickly deteriorate if the overpressure falls by just a few Pascal even temporarily. With our precise differential pressure sensors you can determine also the smallest measurement ranges such as those required in cleanrooms.


Sub-Micrometer Contamination Control that Works

Semiconductor node scales continue to decrease to single-digit nanometer dimensions. Monitoring sub-micrometer airborne particle contamination is vital to ensure high product yield. Our instruments are used in national standards laboratories worldwide. Improve your fabrication process by monitoring sub-micrometer and nanoparticles with our industry leading particle counters. 

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