Moisture in Oil Probe MMP8 is available at Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, throughout Austria.

Moisture in Oil probe MMP8

Product Description

Vaisala HUMICAP Moisture in Oil Probe MMP8 enables fast and reliable measurement of moisture in oil. It uses the proven Vaisala HUMICAP® sensor that was developed for demanding moisture measurements in transformer and lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, and other liquids.

MMP8 measures dissolved moisture in oil in terms of water activity (aw), relative saturation (%RS), and temperature (T). It also calculates ppm concentration for specific oils.

MMP8 is part of the Indigo family and is compatible with Indigo 200 Series Transmitters. It can be used with the Vaisala Insight PC software for data visualization, easy probe configuration and self-calibration.

Technical Specification

Continuous online measurement of moisture in oil and temperature

Measurement temperature range -70 ... +180 °C (-94 ... +356 °F)

Measurement accuracy up to ±0.02 aw / 2 %RS

Temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.1 °C (0.18 °F)

Proven Vaisala HUMICAP® sensor, used for over 15 years in oil applications

Modbus RTU over RS-485 for flexible connectivity

Includes traceable calibration certificate: five points for humidity, one point for temperature

Compatible with Indigo series transmitters

Sensor has excellent sensitivity in the dry end of the range