O2000 Oxygen Analyser - Continuous Emissions Monitoring and Process Control

The Opsis O2000 Oxygen analyser is designed for measuring oxygenin industrial, process and CEM applications. Since the oxygenanalyser measures the oxygen contents in the flue gas in-situ,there is no need for sample extraction systems.

The O2000 Oxygen analyser has been tested and approved by anumber of internationally recognized institutes and authorities,such as German TÜV and British MCERTS. It meets the Europeandirective, and is approved according to EN15267.

Analyser O2000
Measuring range: 0.01–25.0% O2
Accuracy: O2<10.0% ± 0.01% at 2% O2, O2≥10.0% ± 0.1%
Linearity: <0.5% FS Lag time <2 sec.
Response time: <5 sec.
Warm-up time: <30 min.
Power supply: 100–240 VAC 50–60 Hz
Power consumption: <100 VA warm up, <50 VA steady state
Max. load, analogue output: 500 Ω
Max. load, relay contacts: 220 VAC 5 Amp.
Max. ambient temperature: 0–50°C
Max. humidity 90% RH
Enclosure: IP 65 Steelbox
Dimensions old: (H ×W× D) 400 × 300 ×210 mm
Dimensions new: (H ×W× D) 300 × 380 ×210 mm
Weight: 10 kg

Max. stack gas temperature: 500°C
Sensor type: ZrO2 (Zirconia)
Material: AISI 316 Stainless steel
Mounting: 3" Withworth pipe thread DIN ISO 228
Total length: 730 mm
Insert length: Variable 200–500 mm (EPL 1500 max. insert length 1500 mm) Cable length: Maximum 10 m, without stack unit
Weight: 4 kg

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