PUC44 - Mehrkanal-Prozessanzeige mit Touch-Bildschirm ist österreichweit bei der Firma Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, erhältlich.

PUC44 - Multi-channel process display with touch screen

Product Description

Special features

  • a) for high-end cleanroom applications (PUC 44 - 3)b) for standard cleanroom applications (PUC 44 - 2)c) for control cabinet installation (PUC 44 - 1)
  • Values, curves, bar graph, vector can be displayed
  • Display of up to four values (any phys. / chem. values) in one display, free designation of the channels
  • Differential pressure transmitter can be connected external
  • 4 individual alarms LowLow/Low/High/HighHigh for any input can be defined. Signalling takes place as a text and optionally with colour change. The individual alarms are retained while the triggering criterion for the alarm is pending.
  • A collective alarm (of previously defined individual alarms) triggers the acoustic signal. The acoustic alarm is switched off by touching the screen.
  • The user only has the right to change the released views and to switch off the collective alarm. The user needs no password for this.
  • The configuration takes place in multiple languages, menu-controlled and via touch operation (without parameterisation software). It can be performed in the factory or by the commissioner.
  • A one-level password system with at least 6 digits according to GAMP 5 permits access to the configuration by the commissioner or the process officer.
  • Recording of data is not intended (no logging function). This facilitates validation.
  • The respective current values of the inputs and the condition of the alarms are available via Modbus RTU at all times and BACnet MS/TP

Technical Specification


Up to 4 external analogue values of any phys. / chem. values

Margin of error 

depending on the connected measuring transmitters

Available views (adjustable) 

Values, bar graph, curve chart, vector diagram

Power supply 

24 VDC, ± 5 >#/p###

Protection class 

PUC 44-2/-3:IP 65 (front side)IP 20 (housing and terminals)PUC 44-1:IP 20

Data Interface 

Modbus RTUBACnet