Wilson Flowgrid

Wilson Flowgrid is available at Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, throughout Austria.

Measure and regulate the volume flow with the Wilson Flowgrid

Product Description

The Wilson Flowgrid is a pressure transducer for measuring and regulating the flow velocity or flow volume in air ducts. It is based on fundamental principles and offers a reliable and continuous measurement. The Wilson Flowgrid is used in many cases where air flow is to be measured, monitored or regulated. High resistance, low speed or dangerous substances often do not allow the use of other methods.

The Flowgrid consists of tubes arranged in parallel to receive the back pressure (total pressure) and the reference pressure. These are combined into a value in collector pipes. The tubes are perforated in such a way that a cross-section of the
Air flow averaged value of the differential pressure at which both connecting pieces can be determined. This differential pressure is related to the flow rate, so that by connecting suitable devices the average flow rate can be read directly or the signal can be used for control or registration.

Technical Specification

  • uncomplicated installation, even in existing systems
  • universally applicable in most common air ducts
  • reliable: very low maintenance
  • efficient: low system resistance for the air flow
  • Amplification effect: the 2.2-fold increased dynamic pressure allows measurements from 1.5 m / s
  • Elementary principle: no energy consumption, no moving parts
  • Depending on the evaluation of the signal, optimal accuracy of the measurement