534FTB-CL2 Linearer Chlor Durchflussmesser


The Series 534FTB-CL2 is designed with a PVC flowbodyspecifically for chlorine gas applications. The high molecularweight (70.9) of chlorine gas generates significant pressure drop,which reduces low-end performance and can generate up to 10%errors, resulting in excess chlorine added to the water. The Kurz534FTB-CL2 in-line meter has superior pressure drop recovery, andimmunity to upstream and downstream disturbances. The CL2 isavailable in three in-line sizes for 1”, 1½” and2” pipes. 

Technische Spezifikation


Mass rate

1” pipe at 2,100 or 7,300 PPD (3,311 KGD)

1.5” pipe at 15,900 PPD (7,212 KGD)

2” pipe at 27,600 PPD (12,520 KGD)

Pressure drop at max flow and

STD conditions (14.69 PSIA / 77ºF)

18.4 ln. H20

Flow accuracy

± (3% of reading +30 SFPM)

0.25% reading repeatability

Velocity time constant

1 second for velocity changes at

6,000 SFPM (constant temp)

Process temperature time constant

10 seconds for temp changes at

6,000 SFPM (constant velocity)

Electronics operating temperature

-13ºF to 122ºF ( -25ºC to 50ºC)

(remote display)


Process pressure rating

Up to 54 PSIG (0.37 MPa)

Process temperature rating


32ºF to 131ºF (0ºC to 55ºC)


Two optically-isolated loop-powered 4-20 mA Outputs 12-bit resolution and accuracy Maximum loop resistance is 300Ω at 18 VDC, 550Ω at 24 VDC,1400Ω at 36 VDC

One 4-20mA non-isolated analog input

Input power AC (85-265V 47/63 Hz), 24 watts max or DC (24V) (± 10%)

Remote user Interface Easy-to-use interface

Backlit display / keypad 2-lines of 16-characters each

User-configurable flow Display (scrolling or static)

User-configurable English or metric units for mass flow rate, mass velocity, and process temperature (ºC, ºF, KGH, KGM, NCMH, NLPM, NMPS, PPD, PPH, PPM, SCFH, SCFM, SCMH, SFPM, SLPM, SMPS)

Flow valve PID controller and

configurable control application


Permits controlling set point velocity or flow


rate through available control valve, damper,

or 4-20 mA interface

Built-in flow totalizers and elapsed time

User-configurable digital filtering

from 0 to 600 seconds

Configuration/data access

USB or RS-485 Modbus

Meter Memory

200 recent events, top 20 min/max,

and 56 hours of tren