The 9600 is available throughout Austria from Industrie Automation Graz, IAG.

VELOCICALC PRO Multi-Function Ventilation Meter

Product Description

The new and improved 9600 VelociCalc® and VelociCalc® Pro Multi-Function Ventilation Series Meters has a built-in workflow for calculating the percentage of outside air used to determine ventilation effectiveness in a building or room. The VelociCalc® Pro adds additional built-in workflows for heat flow calculation plus four methodologies for performing a duct traverse which speeds up the measurement process while reducing errors. 


HVAC test & regulation + clean room testing

Testing of safety cabinets and fume hoods

HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting

Indoor air quality testing

Studies on thermal comfort

ventilation evaluations

Testing the process air flow

Technical Specification


  • HVAC testing and balancing
  • Clean room testing
  • Biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing
  • HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting
  • IAQ investigations
  • Thermal comfort studies
  • Ventilation evaluations
  • Process air flow testing

Optional Probes

Thelescopic Straigh Probe 960 measures Velocity and Temperature
Telescopic Articulating Probe 962 measures Velocity and Temperature
Telescopic Straigt Probe 964 measures Velocity, Temperature and Humidity
Articulating Probe 966 measures Velocity, Temperature and Humidity
Rotating Vane Probe 995 measures Velocity and Temperature
IAQ-Probe 980 measures Velocity and Humidity
IAQ-Probe 982 measures Temperature and Humidity
Telescopic Probe 800220 measures Ait temperature and relative Humidity
Thermocouple 792 measures Temperature
Thermocouple 794 measures Temperature