Indigo family

The Vaisala Indigo family is a customizable instrument platform designed to improve process measurements. The Indigo family's key feature is modularity. It contains a selection of transmitters, interchangeable smart probes that measure various parameters, and software for easy interfacing and monitoring of data. Choose any probe and connect it with any of the transmitters, or integrate the probes into other systems. The Indigo platform is built on top of Vaisala’s self-produced, core sensor technologies.

Whether you measure humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, barometric pressure, or vaporized hydrogen peroxide, the accuracy and long-term stability of Indigo-compatible probes are in the class of their own. The probes deliver repeatable measurement with high resolution, providing you with data that you can rely on, which helps you to make better decisions – over the long term.


Indigo probes

  • Extreme accuracy and stability
  • Comprehensive probe selection measuring various parameters
  • Use as a stand-alone device or with Indigo transmitters

Indigo transmitters

  • Plug-and-play probe connection 
  • Display for easy evaluation and visualization of data 
  • Dual-probe model enables multi-parameter measurement

Insight PC software

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Quick access to probe data
  • Smooth field calibration

for smart probes

Indigo500 Series Transmitters

The Vaisala Indigo500 series transmitters are host devices for Vaisala Indigo-compatible, stand-alone smart probes. The Indigo500 series includes the Indigo520 and Indigo510 transmitters . Transmitters can include touchscreen displays made of chemically strengthened (IK08) glass, ideal for local data visualization. Non-display transmitters also available. The transmitters extend the options for measurement probe connectivity, supply voltage, and wiring.


  • One transmitter for all parameters
  • One or two probes simultaneously
  • Plug-and-Play for fast installation



Indigo200 Series Transmitters

Vaisala Indigo200 series transmitters are host devices for displaying measurement values from interchangeable Vaisala smart probes. Indigo200 transmitters send measurement data to automation and control systems through analog signals, Modbus RTU communication, or relays. The Vaisala Indigo200 series includes the Indigo201 transmitter with three analog outputs (mA or V) and the Indigo202 transmitter with RS-485 and Modbus RTU outputs.


  • One transmitter, many parameters
  • Cable or direct connection
  • Plug-and-Play


Indigo80 Handheld Indicator

The latest addition to the Indigo family of transmitters and probes, the Indigo80 is a compact, handheld indicator and data logger. Ideal for field sampling, data analysis and diagnostics, the Indigo80 enables measurements for humidity, temperature, dewpoint, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide vapor or moisture in oil.


  • Ideal for spot-checking
  • Dual-probe, high-accuracy portable diagnostics
  • Industry standard USB-C interface

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